Meet the star foods of the Mediterranean diet,
and one of its most popular traditions:

Eating tapas

All our products are also typical tapas. When the fresh products are canned, they keep all their healthy nutritional value and delicious flavour.

Tapas are a 100 % Spanish tradition, typical of the Mediterranean diet and one which is always enjoyed in good company.

Tapas are an expression of the Spanish character - cheerful and outgoing.

Galician Rías

Shellfish such as mussels, clams, cockles and razor clams is characterized by constantly filtering water. Its source - the waters where they are - is therefore critical to the quality and flavor of this seafood.

The Galician Rias have unique natural conditions: the mixture of fresh water from the different rivers that flow into the salty waters of the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean provides an excellent combination of nutrients and a perfect temperature for the properties of seafood to reach their peak.


It is a sea of transition between the cold seas of the North and the warm ones in the tropic, which makes it an ecotone of cold water plants and fish.

The Bay of Biscay is characterized by providing excellent quality fish. Among the most renowned species in this sea are the famous "White Tuna", the well-appreciated anchovy and the sardine. All of them oily fish, which are required to maintain the optimum rate between the levels of meat and fatty acids because of the fierceness of the sea. All this combined with the long fishing tradition of fishermen in this sea, turns all that is caught in its waters into treasure.


Also known as the land of sunshine and joy. Andalusia is characterized by an ideal climate for dryland crops, with lots of sunshine and little rainfall. Olive trees are the protagonists of these crops. They grow in vast fields and have the ability to give excellent quality olives of all varieties.

One feature of the Andalusian fields is that many varieties of olive trees grow at the same time, in turn giving different varieties of olives, which provides the land with even a greater richness. The olives grown in this sunny land are characterized by their excellent performance to make olive oil, since most varieties have small stones and plenty of flesh. This peculiarity gives the Andalusian olive unsurpassed texture and flavor.


The warm, clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea contain exceptional biodiversity. Its warmth is due to the low impact of the last ice age and, of course, to the Mediterranean climate, with long hours of sunshine. One of the factors that favors the transparency of its waters is low salinity, allowing a greater flow of light.

The warm temperatures and low salinity make its waters a perfect place for the development of species, which later tend to migrate. This is why the "small" fish from the Mediterranean is so appreciated. In particular, the small sized anchovies in these waters are especially tasty. It is a young anchovy with distinct flavor and texture.


The quality and taste of our products are determined by the capture or collection sources.

We are committed to 100 % sustainable and respectful fishing.

Enjoy the healthiest and most balanced tapas
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